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Where art thou

This piece is an attempt to capture the constant mobility of people and objects.

In the project, the artist combined objects and images shown constantly in mirrors from various means of transport: cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses.

She placed four pairs of objects, which are metaphoric reflections, in the white space of a gallery. All the objects are very precise, painted in various shades of blue. Paired with mirrors, they lose the status of specific, real objects. Mirrors seem well known to us thanks to the function they used to play in the past, but this is an illusion.

The artist put the objects and the mirror on various levels, which forces the viewer to constantly search for an image. This situation reverses the normal reality where the image appears immediately and easily. The effort in searching for the image creates a completely new situation, which is unknown and unexpected. What are we searching for? Images? But we are their slaves, images above all. We need them to confirm our presence and the stereotypical presence of objects.

The piece was Olga Milczyńska MA at University of Arts Poznań in 2014.

Thanks to Jarosław Kozłowski and Marcin Berdyszak

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