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The artist built two towers as tall as herself. She wanted to build. To create an element of the landscape made out of ceramics. To lift waste off the ground and use it as if it had never been recycled by nature.


The ‘towers’ are an experiment with material. Once again, in the work of the artist is that material, the bricks which she collected at the Bornholm coast. She started the construction of the towers by laying whole, almost intact bricks. In subsequent layers, she placed ever smaller and increasingly deformed bricks. From rough, sharp-edged cuboids to smooth and round fragments. She joined the bricks with sky blue, which to her symbolises freedom, unlimited possibilities, impenetrable infinity.


The artist developed the project Towers during the sculpture festival Nexo Skulptur Park in Denmark. The leitmotif of the festival was ‘Dialogue’ – between the new and the old, nature and culture, destruction and construction.

Towers ware made in 2013 in Nexo during Skulptur Nexo. 

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