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10/960 siwaki

The ceramic series includes a cup, a plate, a bowl, a pot for two, and a pot for a family of four.

The project was developed as a collaboration between Olga Milczyńska, a tutor at School of Form, her students Irina Grishina, Tosia Kilis and Magda Mojsiejuk, and The Potter Centre in Medynia Głogowska. The original purpose was to revitalize the tradition of pottery making and to combine it with modern design. Joint discussions and the exchange of experience lasted over a year. A year of attempts and mistakes, during which local potters played roles of teachers and makers. Together we tried to understand the local clay and the process behind the pottery design. The dark grey colour is achieved in a traditional kiln, where oxygen access is reduced at the end of firing, the smoke penetrates the pots and increases the tightness of vessel walls. Firing takes about 10 hours and the temperature reaches 960˚C. This is where the name comes from. 100 years ago, “smoked” pots were used by common people to cook one-pot meals based on groats and vegetables – products that are coming back nowadays. Clay pots are slightly porous, they absorb and maintain moisture, which makes the food tender and tasty. The 10/960 series combines tradition and the modern need for healthy slow food.


Design: Olga Milczyńska, Magda Mojsiejuk, Irina Grishina, Tosia Kiliś
Year: 2015
Photos: Irina Grishina

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