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Particular Wave

For three months, the artist collected bricks washed ashore from the sea at the Bornholm coast. With the help of a local fisherman, a collection of four thousand bricks was created.

Humans produced bricks, used them, and later, rejected them – in a time of industrial overproduction, other materials turned out to be more attractive. Bricks ended up in the Baltic Sea; nature took care of them. Eroded by water for decades, they would disintegrate into smaller and smaller pieces, until they became invisible. Clay, as a material, has come full circle.

An inherent part of an exhibition is the place where it has been arranged. It is the Vang Gallery, located in direct vicinity of the sea, in a town of the same name. The building served as the place to crush stones from a nearby quarry until the 1980s. Sea waves can be seen from the windows. The artist has placed the bricks in such a manner so that they repeat the rhythm of the landscape seen outside the window.

The installation was made in 2010.

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