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Natural Clay Humidifier NCH2O

The cone, which humidifies the air, sprinkled with essential oils, emits a subtle scent. A sensitive nose will also catch the delicate scent of the earth. The cone can be placed at home or taken to work. It will catch the eye, but also intrigue. Why?

The shape of the air humidifier evokes a mountain or a volcano. Its surface changes with time which results from the properties of the material. Initially, the artist made the object out of clay found in the area of Rzeszów. This clay is ‘earthy’ and greasy. After firing, it becomes slightly porous, absorbing water, but also releasing it slowly through the sides. When the clay is ‘working’, characteristic white tarnish appears on the sides of the humidifier, which should not be alarming. Quite opposite, this indicates that the humidifier is functioning correctly.


The humidifiers do not require constant care, but when filled regularly with water, they help to maintain the proper air humidity, even in air-conditioned rooms.

The objects are available in two sizes.

The big cone is about 30 cm high; the small – about 20 cm high.

The project was made in 2015 

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