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The irregular shape of the vase mimics the properties of the matter it is made from, and at the same time, brings to mind unexpected and invisible movements inside the Earth.

Thanks to her experience, the artist freely models the shape of the object which makes the bulges different on each of the stoneware vases. It’s the same with the method of painting the whole series. From dark navy blues through azures and greens up to greys and pinks. Every vase is first covered with a layer of coloured engobe, and then with several layers of glazes. Thanks to that, the colours gain depth, they glisten; one layer gets through another, the shine smoothly transitioning into matte. The heterogeneity and multi-layering can be appreciated after long contemplation of the object.

the project was made first in 2014 on Bornholm

then in Poznań the same year 

last time it was made in Szczecin in 2017 at Trafo stacja

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