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In the past, arches were built out of bricks, which in turn are made of clay, the material that the artist works with daily. The most extraordinary medieval structures have survived for hundreds of years. They are the result of the lengthy, precision-required work of many builders. The bricks were laid one on top of another in rows, ever higher and higher.

Nowadays, bricks have ceased to be a construction material. What materials do we use to build houses today? Will they also survive for hundreds of years? These questions accompanied the artist during her work on Arches.


The pieces were created slowly. Building the arches took the artist ten days. She made the structures out of two pieces of clay and against the rules of creating things with this material. The pieces are thin, long and frail, covered with blue glaze, similar to medieval vaults. They bend during work and firing. They barely stand upright.

The piece was made during the art residemcy at Stara Kopalnia in 2017.

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